Murach's PHP and MySQL
Murach's PHP and MySQL

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Murach's PHP and MySQL
by Joel Murach and Ray Harris
24 chapters, 844 pages, 367 illustrations
Published November 2010
ISBN 978-1-890774-56-1

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Anytime you're on the web, you're going to be landing on PHP pages. By most counts, over a million web sites have been written in PHP, including some of today's largest, most recognizable sites. And those sites often use MySQL as the database.

That means there's a continuing demand for web developers who know how to use PHP and MySQL at the professional level. With this book, you can become one of them!

What you'll learn in this book

If you look at the table of contents, you'll see that this book teaches all the skills you need to develop almost any type of database-driven web site with PHP and MySQL. The chapters gradually move from the simple to the complex as they show you how to work with:

  • the PHP language
  • the MySQL database
  • the SQL statements for MySQL
  • the PDO and mysqli extensions
  • the MVC pattern
  • debugging and exception handling
  • sessions and cookies
  • object-oriented PHP
  • regular expressions and data validation
  • SSL and secure connections
  • authentication and login forms
  • email and content from other sites (like YouTube)
  • file uploads
  • and more!

What's more, within each chapter, the topics also move from the simple to the complex, so you can push your skills as far as you want to. Then, the chapter exercises let you practice what you've learned.

To complete your training, the last chapter presents an overview of an eCommerce web site. Then, you can download the PHP and MySQL code for free, to see how it puts the skills you've learned into context. Once you understand how this web site works, you will have all the skills and code you need to start creating your own database-driven web sites.

Unique format

Like all books in the Murach series, the content is presented in "paired pages," with the essential syntax, guidelines, and examples on the right page and the perspective and extra explanation on the left page.

Our paired pages format

This helps you learn faster by reading less, and it makes an ideal reference format. To see how this works in more detail, please download a sample chapter.

Our money-back guarantee

Like all of our books, this book is backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee: If you buy this book directly from us and aren't satisfied with it, you can return it anytime within 60 days and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. So order your copy today!

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More about the eBook

Note:  We now have a 2nd Edition of this book available. So unless you need the 1st Edition for a class, we recommend that you get the 2nd Edition instead.

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